Pulse Energy / Cove Offer Terms

Cove provides Pulse customers with the following discounts:

  • Your 1st month free, up to $100, and
  • 20% off Pet insurance
  • 10% off Car insurance

Details of these discounts are set out below.

1st month free

Cove will cover the first month’s premium up to $100 on the purchased policy or an equivalent discount on a yearly policy.

Ongoing discount

Discounts will apply to premiums for:

  • Pet insurance 20%
  • Car insurance 10%

Discounts apply to the company premium excluding any levies and taxes applicable.

The discounts may be removed from the customer’s policy should they no longer have an active account with Pulse Energy.

Excessive use will be investigated and may result in the customer no longer being able to participate in the scheme.

  • Cancelling a policy and purchasing a new policy on the same asset to secure a new Discount
  • Purchasing a policy when not an Active or Genuine Customer of Pulse Energy

Cove can change these terms at any time without prior notice. Any change which affects your policies will be notified to you in advance consistent with the terms of your policy.

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