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Insurance 101

The team at Cove explains insurance so you can make sense of it, and to help you decide what insurance you need.

General Insurance Topics

Insurance Companies in NZ

There are a handful of insurance companies in NZ for Kiwis to choose from. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart, and how insurance works in New Zealand.

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What is insurance?

Insurance is the main way for individuals and businesses to help with the financial part if something bad happens. It could be a fire, a car accident, or the accidental breakage of your cellphone screen – the cost of fixing these damages can all be covered by insurance.

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Making an insurance claim

No one likes being involved in an accident or having something break, but that’s exactly what your insurance policy is here for – providing you with the support you’ll need to get through what can be a tough time.

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What are the different types of insurance?

There are many risks in life and many ways in which you may come to financial grief. Fortunately insurance can cover a wide variety of these risks and make sure you’re financially able to bounce back should the worst happen.

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Pet Insurance

Insurance for small dogs explained

Do you need insurance specifically for small dogs, and what is the best insurance for small dogs? We take a look at 10 small dog breeds and explain why people sometimes request insurance specifically for their small dog.

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Dog registration explained

Once you adopt a new dog, you need to get it registered. This article explores everything there is to know about dog registration in NZ.

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Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance

Is buying cheap car insurance in NZ worth the savings? How can you get cheaper car insurance?

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Car insurance calculator

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all car insurance calculator, but you can calculate exactly how much car insurance will cost you by getting an online quote.

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Bought a car? Here’s what you need to do next…

When you purchase a new car, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance in New Zealand

Cove answers all your life insurance questions, starting with “What is life insurance?”.

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Do I need life insurance?

Why should you have life insurance? Do you even need life insurance? Let us explain…

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Calculating what life insurance will cost

The cost of life insurance varies for everyone. Discover how to calculate what life insurance will cost for you.

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Life insurance for parents

Becoming a parent is an ideal time to consider life insurance.

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Comparing life insurance policies in New Zealand

How do you compare life insurance policies? Which is the best life insurance company? Learn how to compare life insurance with the team at Cove.

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