Dog Breeder Insurance

Cove works with dog breeders to offer an introductory puppy insurance policy, to give your customers peace of mind when they are sent home with their new puppy.

How Cove works with dog breeders

Cove is striving to become the #1 choice for dog breeders throughout New Zealand. We aim to achieve this by making the process simple, quick, and stress-free for all involved. We do things 100% online, so you’ll never be asked to complete paperwork or send any documents.

Customer benefits: Your customer will get to enjoy the first 90 days with their puppy knowing that he or she is covered from unexpected surprises.

Breeder benefits: We provide a simple process so your litter can leave your premises with an insurance policy from Cove. Your customers will have 90 days of free insurance, after which time they will be contacted by Cove to ask if they would like to continue with their policy. There are no hard-sells from Cove and the customer can choose to cancel anytime.

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    Here’s how it works:

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    We’ll set you up

    Once approved, we’ll arrange a time to show you how to set your customers up with Cove pet insurance.

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    Track referrals

    We’ll track the customers you refer, and let you know if they stay on to be a customer with Cove long-term.

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