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Getting a pet insurance quote from Cove takes just minutes, and you can do it all online without picking up the phone. If you need help, you can find us on live chat.


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Pet Insurance Products

pet insurance for dogs
Compare dog insurance policies by getting a quote from Cove. Dog insurance will give you peace of mind that your faithful companion is protected and in safe hands. Our goal is to offer the best pet insurance in NZ.

Learn more about dog insurance

pet insurance for cats
For extra peace of mind, it’s worth finding a great cat insurance policy to cover your bundle of fluff. Compare cat insurance policies by getting an online quote from Cove.

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What do I need to get a pet insurance quote?

You’ll typically be asked for the following information when getting a pet insurance quote online. This is used to calculate the cost of insuring your pet.

pet name

Pet’s Name

This isn’t needed for the price of the policy…but we always like to know who we are working with!


Pet’s Breed

Some breeds simply cost more to insure

pet insurance age

Pet’s Age

It’s best to buy pet insurance when your pet is young. Older pets tend to cost more to insure

pet gender

Pet’s Gender

All pet insurance brands in NZ will ask for your pets gender to help calculate a price

preexisting conditions

Medical History

You’ll be asked if your pet has been desexed during the online quote process

A Better Way of Doing Pet Insurance

Refreshingly simple pet insurance

We provide insurance for pets online, so you don’t need to call or visit a branch to get things started. Our flexible pet insurance is simple to organise, and easy to understand.

Our #1 goal is to provide the best pet insurance in NZ

We are striving to be the best company for pet insurance in NZ, and we won’t stop until we achieve it. To provide the best pet insurance we are focusing on exceptional customer service, quick online quotes, and amazing cover.

You’re in good Company

Cove is founded by Kiwis, and made for the people of New Zealand. Review our pet insurance policy to see if it is right for you, then get a quick online quote for your cat or dog.

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Pet Insurance Questions

  • Where do I find the best pet insurance?

    Every pet insurance brand in New Zealand offers slightly different policies, so what might be the best pet insurance for you, might not be the best for your neighbour. Be sure to read each brands policy documents and understand the level of cover provided before you purchase. These days buying pet insurance online only takes a few minutes, so spend at least 15 minutes getting a few online quotes from some of the top brands to ensure you get a great deal.

  • Can I buy pet insurance online?

    Yes, you can buy pet insurance online. Some brands will still require a phone call, but most of the best pet insurance companies in NZ will allow you to get an online quote these days. When you buy pet insurance online you’ll need to know your pets breed, age, and gender – at a minimum.

  • How do I get a pet insurance online quote?
  • What is accident only pet insurance?

    To put it simply, accident only pet insurance covers the cost of treatment if your pet has been involved in an accident. However, if your pet develops an illness then you’ll need a more comprehensive pet insurance policy, as accident only pet insurance policies won’t cover illness.

  • What does pet insurance cost?

    Most people getting an online quote are simply wanting to know what does pet insurance cost – and it’s actually very easy to find out. Typically all you’ll need to know is the breed of your pet, it’s date of birth, and it’s gender. Once you tell the pet insurance company this they’ll be able to give you an insurance quote, which you can customise then buy online.

  • Is pet insurance worth it in NZ?

    We believe so, and so does the SPCA. They have written about why they recommend pet insurance on their website. Put simply, most people don’t think about pet insurance in NZ until they are faced with a large vet bill – but by then it might be too late. It’s important to get a pet insurance quote early in the adoption process so you understand how much pet insurance may cost, and factor it into your budget.

  • What is the best pet insurance to get?

    It is tough to answer what is the best pet insurance to get without knowing your individual situation, and your pet’s situation. It’s a good idea to get a few different pet insurance quotes from a couple of insurance brands, and then compare the policies to see what one suits you best.

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