Accident Only Pet Insurance

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An Introduction to Accident Only Pet Insurance

Accident only pet insurance won’t cover sick or ill animals – but will cover accidents such as broken bones. Besides being affordable, accident only pet insurance has many benefits…

accident only pet insurance

Accident Only Pet Insurance


A budget-friendly pet insurance plan for those sudden unforeseen events. This plan covers your pet for accidental injury only.

Pick Accident-Only Pet Insurance if your major concern is large unexpected accidents, and you’re happy to cover illness-related bills.

Accident Only Feature Summary
  • $500 Excess
  • 10% Co-pay
  • Annual aggregate limit: $5,000
  • Annual condition limit – None
  • Covers accidental injury

Why Choose Accident Only Pet Insurance?

Accident only pet insurance is a simple way to protect your pet during those unforeseen accidents…

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Affordable Pet Insurance

Accident Only Pet Insurance is Budget-Friendly

Accident only pet insurance is a budget-friendly option for pet owners who want to cover accidental injury, not sickness.


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What is accident only pet insurance?

To put it simply, accident only pet insurance covers the cost of treatment if your pet has been involved in an accident. However, if your pet develops an illness then you’ll need a more comprehensive pet insurance policy, as accident only pet insurance policies don’t cover illnesses.

If your cat or dog is involved in an accident, such as having a run-in with a vehicle, they might need an x-ray and extensive surgery – which can cost a small fortune. If you want to be protected in times like these, then that’s when you’d consider buying an accident only pet insurance policy.

What are the pros and cons of accident only cover?

The main benefit of buying an accident only pet insurance policy, compared to other forms of pet insurance, is the low premium. Compared to other more comprehensive policies which cover illness as well, accident only policies are relatively inexpensive and have cheaper premiums.

The main downside, of course, is that you get less protection than a more comprehensive pet insurance policy that covers illness. Although we design all our policies with care, an accident only pet insurance policy simply provides less cover. If your pet develops an illness or an ongoing health condition, an accident only policy won’t be able to help.

We also offer comprehensive pet insurance policies for both dogs and cats.

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A Better Way of Doing Dog Insurance

Refreshingly simple dog insurance cover

Our goal is to provide the best accident only pet insurance we can. We are striving to craft a robust policy that will be a great choice for Cove customers who desire great coverage and a simple online experience.

Accident only insurance tailored to your lifestyle

Whether you have a Cavoodle, Golden Retriever, Whippet, Bengal, Ragdol, Savannah, or something a little more exotic – we strive to provide the best accident only pet insurance we can.

You’re in good company

Cove is founded by Kiwis and made for the people of New Zealand. If you’re looking for an accident only pet insurance policy, then get a quote from Cove today.

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