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We are striving to offer the best dog insurance in NZ! This ensures you are able to get the care your dog needs if he or she is ill.

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Ready to Compare Dog Insurance Quotes?

Start your online quote by selecting a dog breed below…

labrador insurance nz

Labrador Insurance

Labs are gentle companions and are New Zealand’s most registered dog. Compared to other breeds of dogs, Labrador Retrievers enjoy a nice refreshing dip in the water and enjoy a regular game of fetch. You can get a Labrador Retriever insurance quote online in just a few minutes.

huntaway insurance nz

Huntaway Insurance

The Huntaway was originally bred in New Zealand, making this dog breed a true Kiwi! It is also one of the most popular dog breeds in NZ, just behind the Labrador. Huntaways enjoy having a space outside to run and explore, and aren’t so keen on being kept indoors for too long. Get a pet insurance quote from Cove to see what it would cost to insure your Huntaway.

Jack-Russel Terrier insurance nz

Jack Russell Terrier Insurance

Did you know the Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred to hunt foxes? These small, clever dogs are bundles of energy who enjoy playing throughout the day. Like any high-energy dogs, they can cause a bit of havoc around the home – so keep an eye out for torn-up pillows and bite marks in shoes. Get a Jack Russell insurance quote here.

German Shepherd Insurance nz

German Shepherd Insurance

German Shepherds are a popular dog breed in New Zealand, and are commonly associated with being police dogs. German Shepherd insurance quotes can be done online, just like any other dog breed. If something happens to your dog, having insurance gives you peace of mind.

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Other dog breeds…

There are hundreds of dog breeds in New Zealand, so just because the breed of your pet isn’t listed above, doesn’t mean we can’t insure it. Start a quote and select your dog breed from the drop-down list, and we’ll have you a dog insurance quote in no time!

What is dog insurance?

Us Kiwis think of our dogs as an extra member of the family, and we all truly want to do all that we can to care for our dogs if they should ever fall ill or be injured. But we all know vet visits can be expensive! Dog insurance from Cove can help provide financial protection should your dog require medical care.

Is it worth getting dog insurance?

Pet insurance might not be your favourite bill to pay, but it can be a huge help financially when the time comes that you need it. You never know what is going to happen around the corner, and we know you’d never want to compromise on your dog’s health should they require care, so having a trusted dog insurance policy helps put your mind at rest

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A Better Way of Doing Dog Insurance

Refreshingly simple dog insurance cover

Our goal is to provide the best dog insurance we can, and we are doing this by providing great dog insurance coverage, and a simple online quote process.

Dog insurance tailored to your lifestyle

Whether you have a Labrador Retriever, Huntaway, Border Collie, or something a little more exotic – we strive to provide the best dog insurance we can. Get a dog insurance quote from us today to check our prices, then buy online.

You’re in good company

Cove is founded by Kiwis, and made for the people of New Zealand. If you’re looking for pet insurance for dogs, then get a quote from Cove today.

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