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Why partner with Cove?

Why promote insurance to my customers?

  1. Create customer stickiness
  2. Improve the revenue you earn from your customers
  3. Give them a great deal!

Why work with Cove?

  1. Digital – insurance available via API
  2. Flexible – we can create tailor made products for the partner
  3. Responsive – small team of experts & rapid support from Aioi
  4. Customer friendly – 4.8 star rating
  5. Low cost – our digital model reduces the cost to serve & Aioi’s tremendous size provides scale benefits in reinsurance & cost of capital
  6. Low regulatory requirements – we can create an appropriate handoff for your level of financial sophistication

Why are we doing this?

  1. We’d rather give our marketing money to Kiwi businesses & charities than to Google

Cove already works with some great Kiwi brands:

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